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Atlanta Airport Terminals

Atlanta Airport consists of two passenger terminals: The Domestic Terminal (West Side) and the International Terminal (East Side), officially known as Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal.


Both terminals are located opposite one from the other and between them there are seven Concourses:


- Concourse T is adjacent to Domestic Terminal

- Concourse F is placed in the International Terminal.

- Concourses A, B, C, D, E are located between Domestic Terminal and International Terminal in this order, being Concourse A the closest concourse to Domestic Terminal.



Transfer between terminals

Both terminals and concourses are connected to each other via the underground Transportation Mall. At the Transportation Mall there are several transfer options between terminals, see all of them below:

There's a people mover, the Plane Train, that not only connects all concourses and Terminals, it also stops at the baggage claim area of each Concourse, which is located in the central part of every one of them.


On the other hand, the Terminal Connector Shuttle links the Domestic Terminal's Ground Transport Center to the International Terminal within 15 minutes.


Additionally, the SkyTrain stands for a mean of transportation that connects the Domestic Terminal Complex and the new Rental Car Center, which stops at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC). It takes just 10 minutes for a round trip, with an average waiting time of 3 minutes between stations.


Please note that minute suites between terminals are also available 24/7. For further information, please call +1 404 762 7660 at the Domestic Terminal Concourse B, close to gate B15.




See more information about the terminals at Atlanta Airport below:


Atlanta Domestic Terminal

Atlanta Domestic Terminal is divided between North Terminal and South Terminal, although they are united by the Atrium, a three level facility where services and a wide offer of amenities is located.

Delta exclusively serves the South Terminal while the other airlines serve the North Terminal.

The only concourse that is linked to the Domestic Terminal is Concourse T, even Concourses A to E are also located between the Domestic and the International Terminal.

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Atlanta International Terminal (Maynard H. Jackson Jr.)

Atlanta International Terminal processes all the international services to and from the airport.

It consists of three levels and is provided with boarding gates from E1 to E37 and F1 to F14.

The Departure Level connects directly with the Hourly Parking Deck as well as the Arrivals Level.

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These are the Concourses that serve Atlanta Airport Terminals:


Concourse T

Concourse T is the concourse connected with the Domestic Terminal. It has gates from T1 to T8 and from T9 to T15. It connects directly with the Ground Transportation level. It has retail shops and hosts American Airlines Admirals Club, Delta Sky Club, Delta Self Service Center and Delta Recharge Station. It has a Smoking Lounge, many Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED), Elevators, Escalators and Restrooms. It is also provided with the following services: ATM’s, Fed Ex Drop Box, Phones, TTY and Currency Exchange, among others.


Concourses A-B-C-D-E

These concourses are located between the two terminal buildings.


Concourse A

It has gates from A1 to A12 and from A12 to A34. It has a lot of food and beverage restaurants and cafés, retail shops. It hosts Delta Sky Club (on the upper level), Delta Air Lines Ticket Service Center, Delta Recharge Station and Delta Self Service Center. It has a Smoking Lounge, various Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED) spread along the concourse, Elevators, Escalators and Restrooms. It is provided with the following services: ATM’s, Pre-paid Phone Cards, FedEx Drop Box, Currency Exchange / Rosetta Stone, Shoeshine, Phones and a XpresSpa.


Concourse B

It has gates from B1 to B7, B9 to B14, from B16 to B29, from B31 to B34 and B36. It is provided with a lot of different bars and restaurants with a wide variety of gastronomic products. It hosts Delta Sky Club, Delta Air Lines Ticket Service Center, Delta Self Service Center and Delta Recharge Station. It has a Smoking Lounge, some Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED), Elevators and Escalator as well as Restrooms. It has the following services: ATMs, Minute Suites, Currency Exchange, Shoeshine, Phones.


Concourse C

It has gates from C1 to C22, from C31 to C53, C55 and C57. It is located in the middle between the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal. It has retail shops, restaurants and bars, it hosts Delta Air Lines Connection Ticket Service Center, Delta Sky Club. It has a Recharge Station, a Smoking Lounge, a lot of Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED), Elevators and Escalators and Restrooms. It also has ATMs, FedEx Drop Box, Telephones and an XpressSpa service.

Connects with Concourses D, E, F and the International Terminal, and close to the baggage claim to Concourses A, B, T and to the Domestic Terminal baggage claim and ground transportation.


Concourse D

It has gates D1A, from D1 to D8, D8A, from D9 to D11, D11A, from D12 to D16, from D21 to D42, D44 and D46. It has a lot of restaurants and cafés with different food and beverages, shops. It hosts United Club, Delta Sky Club and it has ATMs, FedEx Drop Box, Currency Exchange, Telephones and Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED) among others.

Connects with Concourses A, B, C, E and T, and to the Domestic Terminal baggage claim area and ground transportation.


Concourse E

It has gates from E1 to E12, from E14 to E18 and from E26 to E37. As the other concourses, Concourse E is provided with restaurants, cafés, bars and shops, it has an Airport Information Point, ATMs, Currency Exchange, Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED), a Smoking Lounge, FedEx Drop Box / UPS Drop Box, Pre-Paid Phone Cards, Travel Insurance place, it has an Interfaith Chapel and Telephones among other services. It hosts Delta Sky Club, Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Lufthansa Senator Lounge and AICA Ticket Counter.


Concourse F

Concourse F Is located in the International Terminal. It is home of boarding gates F1-F14.

International flights depart and arrive from the International Terminal as well as from Concourses E and F. Sometimes international flights can be managed from Concourses, A to D and T.